January 2020

Early Colf in America - The GCS Bulletin, march 2015

When thumbing through earlier GCS Bulletins, published by the Golf Collectors Society, today the Golf Heritage Society, I came across our article about ‘Early Colf in America’.

The first references to Netherlandish settlers playing colf date from 1650. When in 1667, the Netherlanders were defeated in the Second Anglo-Dutch War, the British took over and that was the end of colf in the Americas.

The first reference to golf date only from 1779, when an advertisement for excellent golf clubs and Caledonian balls was published in the Rivington’s Royal Gazette. Scottish settlers and military had brought the game to America. And that was the beginning of today a most popular sport in America.

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December 2019

Golf History for Golf Historians & Collectors - golfika no. 12, summer 2013

Thumbing through the earlier Golfika’s, I found an article about how Geert & I discovered our new hobby, which became over the years a nearly full-time pursuit. 
From 2008 on, we published five books. Finally, the 2011 publication of ‘Games for Kings & Commoners’ (click on the green link above) resulted in a trilogy when followed by Part Two (2014) and Part Three (2015).

Then we decided to concentrate on Jeu de Mail (Pall Mall) of which game we gathered quite some information, until September 2018, when regrettably Geert passed away. Recently, I decided that it is time to pick up our research instead of putting it under a big pile of paper. Immediate cause was an article of two scientists, Volkmar Eidloth and Hans Renes, in ‘Siedlungsforschung. Archäologie – Geschichte – Geographie 35, 2018, Mailbahnen als städtebauliche und landschaftsplanerische Innovation im 17. Jahrhundert.‘ (available on the internet in 2021).
In their introduction, they wrote about our trilogy ‘Games for Kings & Commoners’ as being a real gold mine.
I realized that I am having another gold mine, however still unexploited.  I hope to publish this 'mine' in the years to come, for it can be of help for anyone who is looking for information about Jeu de Mail.

And I am sure, that Geert will be looking down with pride from the happy 'golfing' grounds!


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