Nature, measure of all things

In the course of the years not much attention has been paid to the influence of nature on the Scottish and continental games.

Why did players use wooden balls of approximately the same size?

Could it be that golfers used balls defined by the size of boxwood branches?

Most mature branches of the box shrub have a diameter of 5 – 6 centimetres.
Most golf (-like) balls were made of boxwood and therefore had a dimension of less than 6 centimetres.

Do we accept that the whippy feature of the ash wood shaft was enhanced by the moon phases and that the end of the playing season was determined by the growth of certain weeds?

Click here to read what we found about nature in relation to the game of crosse in particular. It would be interesting to know if with the game of colf, golf, and mail the same relations with nature occurred.


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