The British Golf Collectors Society was founded with the aim of promoting interest in the history and traditions of golf, and collecting items associated with that history.

The Swedish Golfers Historic Society aims to keep golf history in Sweden living, which is the story of how a small country with a limited playing season in a rather short period of time reached the highest level of golf.

The British Golf Museum traces the history of the game, both in Britain and abroad, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

If you want to know which are the oldest locations in Scotland where 'gowff' was played or which are the courses of the oldest golf societies, then this is the right site.

The Heritage of Golf Museum tells the story from the time when only a few people coaxed their featheries round the rough links to the present day when multitudes of men and women spend vast fortunes on this pastime of beauty and skill.

This website will give you an insight in the history of Colf and Kolf. and is divided into two categories:
the history of the long game in the Low Countries (the Netherlands and Belgium) from about 1200-1700 AD, hereafter to be called: COLF; the history of the short game which developed out of the long game from 1700 to this day and is still played in the province North-Holland of the Netherlands called: kolf.

This website provides history and useful information about traditional games from around the world. The games featured have survived for centuries or millenia and most continue to thrive today.

Antique Hickory Golf Clubs are specialists in vintage golf clubs, books and memorabilia including golf art, golf balls and other interesting items associated with the game from years gone by.

Hickory Clubs is an initiative of Iain Forrester, born and bred in Scotland. He spends his spare time into research and study of golf history and has a large collection of golf books and a growing collection of hickory golf clubs.

Sportimonium wishes to preserve and enrich the living sports heritage. Sportimonium is not a closed, antiquarian collection but a living resource for the past, present and future of sport.

The main objective of the European Association of Golf Historians & Collectors (EAGHC) is to strengthen the relationship between all continental golf historians and collectors.

The Golf Collectors Society (United States) is an international organization dedicated to preserving the treasures and traditions of the game of golf.

The Golf Society of Australia is a networking group for golf club historians to meet, exchange ideas and become aware of what others are doing to collect, record and display their history and memorabilia.

The aim of AGHS is to encourage the collection, research, recording and preservation of information and objects connected with the history of golf in Australia, to inform golfers, golf clubs and the community in general.

Op deze website kunt u alles vinden over de sport kolven. Een historische, maar vooral een opmerkelijke sport. Concentratie en maatgevoel, daar draait het om in de kolfsport. Oftewel, zoals de kolvers zeggen: 'je leert het snel, maar het spel blijft je verrassen!'. Wat houdt het kolfspel precies in? En waar kunt u het spelen? Het antwoord op deze vragen en meer, vindt u op deze website van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche kolfbond.

Het Webmuseum 'Colf & Kolf & Malie, van Middeleeuwen tot heden' is een virtueel museum met een nagenoeg compleet overzicht van alles wat er in tekst en beeld sinds 1200 tot heden over deze spelen verschenen is.


Ziel ist ein dauerhaftes, öffentlich zugängliches Forschungsarchiv. Das Deutsche Golf Archiv freut sich über den Austausch mit Personen und Institutionen, die an Studien zur deutschen Golfgeschichte und ihrem internationalen Kontext interessiert sind.

Auf dieser Seite soll ein Einblick in das Leben des 18. Jahrhunderts vermittelt werden. Die Initiatoren dieses Seites bemühen sich in ihrer Darstellung sehr nahe an die Lebensumstände dieser Zeit zu gelangen, so wie z.B. das Mailspiel an die deutschen Fürstenhöfe.

Offizielle deutschsprachige Website der ‘European Association of Golf Historians & Collectors’ (EAGHC) oder Europäische Vereinigung der Golfhistoriker und Golfsammler.


Le site de la Société des Amis du Pic et du Plat qui montre le jeu de crosse comme aujourd'hui joué en Belgique.

Association Patrimoniale du Golf Français (APGF), dont l'objectif est d'étudier et de faire connaître l'histoire du golf français. Pour ne plus rien ignorer de l'histoire du golf, visitez son site.