Scotland is attacked mainly by English speaking historians on the origin of the Scottish game of golf. Some Scottish historians react to these allegations by stating that the game of golf as it is played today, has its origin in Scotland. Other historians however deny any ‘foreign’ claim on the origin of golf.
These Scottish Cause historians have chosen the hole as the main line of defence against the so-called allegations from ‘the Continent’. The hole, the target in golf, is put forward as the indisputable feature of golf, unique and invented in Scotland, the major difference between golf and all other stick and ball games.

01 bening détail
Sketch after an illumination in a Flemish Book of Hours from c.1530, attributed to the Fleming Simon Bening (1483-1561). It is one of the oldest depictions of a target used in an ancient colf game. One of the players is sitting on his knees, putting towards a hole. – By courtesy of David Stirk

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