In Scottish golf history circles, it is considered that in the early days of golf, there were two golf games: a short game played in the streets of the towns by the commoners and a long game played mainly on the links of Scotland by the bourgeois and the aristocracy.
According to the above historians, the short game was also played in the European games of colf, crosse and mail. The Scottish long golf was the one and only real golf game.
We thought it of interest to research and analyse, based on written, drawn or painted evidence, how the continental games were played in ancient times.
Were the golf-like games on the continent divided into short and long games played by different kinds of people?
Was the short golf game the same as colf, crosse and mail in Europe?
Was the long golf game as played in the open fields of Scotland a unique game that never existed on the continent?
The following four blog posts will be devoted to the outcome of this research about games played short and/or long.
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