Some time ago we received from Pius Muskens (EAGHC) some cuttings from the Dutch journal ‘Golf’, August 1939. In this issue, J.A. Brongers, the then well known golf and colf historian, discussed a book published in 1718 about an exploratory expedition of Frézier, ‘the engineer of the King of France’, to Chile, Peru and Brazil (‘Reisbeschryving door de Zuid-Zee’ (Travel story through the South Sea) by Isaak Verburg). In Chile, Frézier saw Indians playing left-handed a kind of golf.
Brongers referred to a book called ‘Around Golf’, published in 1939, in which A.M. Vagliano refers to the game of ‘chôle’, played in France, in which game 30% of the players played left-handed, although they were not lefthanders.

01 chileen
During his exploration of South America in 1712-1714, Frézier saw Chilean Indians playing the game of ‘sueca’, hitting a ball with a curbed stick

As ‘Jeu de Crosse’ researchers our interest was aroused by what Vagliano wrote. We mailed Pius to ask him about the ‘Around Golf’ book, but he did not know it. Ayolt Brongers (EAGHC) from the Early Golf Foundation could not help us either. In the meantime we surfed unsuccessfully on the internet. However, we found that A.M. Vagliano once was a famous French amateur golfer and even the president of the French Golf Federation. So we contacted JBK, the former president of the EAGHC, the know-all of French golf. Alas, also Jean-Bernard couldn’t help us. But what he did know was, that André M. Vagliano was the father of our honorary president Lally Segard. He would contact Lally and ask her about the book and the literary qualities of her father. Impatient as we are, we also wrote Madame Segard a letter. Alas, she did not know the book nor the story her father once wrote. Also Henri Jakubowicz (EAGHC), a passionate book collector, did not have the book in his personal library and could not confirm us the existence of this article.
Although we were very disappointed, we didn’t give up. We continued surfing on the internet and suddenly: ‘bingo!’

02 marius carion
The Belgian artist from the Borinage Marius Carion showed the charm of the old miner’s customs. Also this player plays left-handed

In Calgary, Canada, somebody had the book and was willing to verify if the book contained a contribution of a certain Vagliano, describing lefthanders playing ‘chôle’. He confirmed that the book contained such an article, after which message we ordered the book. So now the book is ours and under Crosse we would like to share with you the contribution of André Vagliano about French Golf and French ‘La chôle’ in ‘Around Golf’.

03 vagliano
No one has done more for the game of golf in France than André Vagliano. He won the French Amateur Open Championship in 1925 and has won the French Amateur Native Championship on numerous occasions. He reached the final of the President’s Putter tournament in 1931. He has captained the French golf team on many occasions. His wife has captained the French lady golfers, and his daughter, Lally, won the Girl’s Championship in 1937. – Photo and verbatim subtitle from the book ‘Around Golf’