It was 1982 when the renowned Netherlandish colf and golf historian, Steven van Hengel, disclosed in his book ‘Early golf’ the history of the colf match in Loenen aan de Vecht in 1297. This colf match was held and continued to be held for more than 500 years to commemorate the death of the ‘Good Count’, Floris V of Holland, and to celebrate the death of his murderer. The story caused much upheaval in the international golf history circles.
Several historians took exception to the research of Van Hengel and tried to take the edge of the historic value of the Loenen match.
In the magazine ‘Golfika’ of the European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors we wanted, in turn, to enervate the arguments of the adversaries of the Loenen match. Please find under the heading ‘Colf’ on this website the article ‘The year 1297: facts or fairy tales?’.