When you are more than average interested in the history of golf, of course you want to read or perhaps even to write about its origin, the clubs and balls used in the ‘olden days’, the famous players, the tournaments, etc. Some people even would like to have something tangible of that history for themself. There are golf history lovers who have become addicted to collecting artefacts of that glorious past.
Fortunately, some of these collectors, don’t keep their collection for themselves, but make it accessible to us all.
In many parts of the world these collectors have set up a golf museum. You find them in Tasmania, Japan, China, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, USA and in Scotland itself. The ‘Mother of all Golf Museums’ in Saint Andrews is of course ‘hors-concours’. A 21st century museum is of course the virtual ‘KNKB Web Museum Colf Kolf Golf’ on the internet.

The Danish Golf Museum is celebrating this year its 25th anniversary. Why don’t you step into this beautiful museum to read about the origin and development, and look at artefacts presented in a beautiful setting.


Please go on this site to find under the heading golf the history of the festive museum.
Enjoy your visit.