When researching or reading about the ancient history of golf and the related games of colf, crosse and mail one easily overlooks the fact that both in Britain and on the European continent since time and age many other stick and ball games were and still are played. In these games, clubs, balls, tees, targets and the objectives are far more different than those of the above mentioned ‘Four Musketeers’, but still a club or stick is used to hit or push a ball to achieve a certain goal.
The origin of these games is often lost in the mist of time, but some of them are still enjoying popularity in several remote regions of Britain and the continent.
Under the heading Miscellaneous we explain a couple of such club and ball games as played in the Valley of Aosta in Italy.
fromoldbooks trap ball 1381
Illuminations in books of hours from the 14th century show that already 700 years ago such games were played in different regions of Europe.
(Illustration: www.fromoldbooks.org/OldEngland)