Last June we informed you on ‘What’s new’ about the results of the auction of the famous Jaime Ortiz-Patiño golf collection by the auctioneers Christies in London on the 30th of May. The collection of the owner of the famous ‘Valderrama’ golf club in Andalucia in Spain, not only contained golf items but also different clubs, balls and books from the related games colf/kolf, crosse/choule and mail/mall. It is not often that items from these sports are put on for sale on such an important auction. That an auction of such items is indeed exceptional can be concluded in the several inaccuracies in the descriptions of the various clubs and balls of the different sports mentioned in the catalogue issued by Christie’s, the auctioneer. Below you’ll find the results of the sales.

Lot 1
26 Delft blue and white tiles in a walnut panel (34 x 182 cm), c.1700 and later; estimation £ 7,000 – 10,000 (€ 7,900 – 11,000).
Each tile painted with golfing scenes, the corners of each with scrolls, the frame applied with ivorine label inscribed ‘Old Dutch tiles illustrating the game of golf or kolf and as played on ice about the middle of the 17th Century’, and a further tile similarly decorated, unframed (five tiles with restored sections, some in-filling, flaking and glaze crazing).
Originally the panel was part of the Henry B. Wood Collection.
The panel was sold for £ 16,250 (€ 20,000).
N.B. It is very inaccurate to date these tiles ‘from 1700 and later’, while later on the tiles are dated ‘middle of the 17th century’.

christie's lot 1

Lot 2
Dutch Delft blue and white rectangular plaque (22 x 16 cm), c.1810-1830 Utrecht, The Netherlands; estimation £ 3,000 – 5,000 (€ 3,400 – 5,600).
Depicting a winter golfing scene, with figures in conversation donning skates on a frozen lake beside a house on a cliff-top in wooded landscape (slight chipping to rims).
The plaque was sold for £ 3,000 (€ 3,750).

christie's lot 2

Lot 3
A group of 8 various Dutch kolf club heads, 15th – 16th century; estimation £ 1,500 – 2,500 (€ 1,700 – 2,800).
One made in Rotterdam, c.1480; another Dutch pre-1530; another made in Amsterdam, c.1620; another stamped with three crosses for the city of Amsterdam, c.1600-1650; another with remains of original wooden shaft; another similar; another made in Amsterdam, 1650, made in bronze with striped decoration; another bronze, 17th Century, found at Zandvoort.
The lot was sold for £ 3,750 (€ 4,700).

christie's lot 3

Lot 4
A Dutch kolf club, 19th century; estimation £ 500 – 800 (€ 600 – 1,000).
With metal head and flattened shaft.
The club was sold for £ 1,500 (€ 1,860).
N.B. For one reason or the other this lot is announced in the catalogue with ‘4 (Fore!)’, although in indoor kolf this scream was never used or needed.

christie's lot 4

Lot 5
A rare jeu de mail hardwood and iron bound club, mid-18th century; estimation £ 6,000 – 9,000 (€ 6,800 – 10,000).
The cylindrical head with two lofted ends, the central hickory shaft with leather grip, the head stamped ‘Coste’, together with another French mid-18th century club.
N.B. There was no picture of the iron bound club in the catalogue. There were so many questions about the authenticity of the mail club’s shaft and grip, that the lot was withdrawn from the auction.

christie's lot 5

Lot 6
A fine Belgian chole club, 19th century; estimation £ 1,000 – 1,500 (€ 1,200 – 1,750).
Together with a group of seven Belgian painted chole balls, with original net or carrying bag and four other balls.
The lot was sold for £ 875 (€ 1,100).
N.B. There are no proofs that the ‘crosse’ club is from the 19th century. Furthermore, the 7 balls, part of the sale, are not ’choulettes’ but balls used in the game of mail.

christie's lot 6