February 2012

ancientgolf ice 01

We all know the world-famous paintings from Flemish and Netherlandish painters from the 16th and 17th centuries showing many skaters, including the colf players, enjoying themselves on the frozen canals, ponds, lakes and rivers.
Nothing has changed since then. We are today temporarily confronted which Ice Age temperatures in a larger part of Europe. Many Europeans are shivering from cold and prefer to stay indoors as much as possible.

ancientgolf ice 02

But not the Netherlanders! Hundreds of thousands men and women, young and old, have taken their skates and face the cold with a smile to go and to enjoy themselves on the ice like their ancestors 400 years ago.
Alas, what we don’t see any more are the colf players as on the foreground of most of the ‘Golden Age’ paintings.

Some years ago Henri Jakubowicz, a knowledgeable French historian, wrote an extensive article about ‘jeu de mail’ for Through The Green, the magazine of the British Golf Collectors Society. Henri and the editor of Through The Green agreed that we would publish this article on our Ancient Golf web site.
Under the heading ‘Mail’ you will find the first part of this article, containing the history of the game and the bibliography. The second part we will publish within short.
Happy reading.