November 2011

The reconstruction of our website is finished now. We hope you will enjoy going through the different sections.
You will observe that in all sections the first publications have come out, including the remarkably study from the EAGHC-member, Wu Linqi, about the ancient Chinese game of chui wan, which resembles so much the game of golf.
We realise that it is a major drawback that the publications are only reproduced in the language in which they were originally written. For the time being we have unfortunately no possibilities for translations or summaries in other languages.
Our book ‘Games for Kings & Commoners’ (September 2011) has received much interest. So far people in thirteen countries, including the USA, Canada and Japan, have ordered the book.
It goes without saying that remarks about the website and its contents are most welcome.

cover kleur

For us the introduction of our new book Games for Kings & Commoners at the conference of the EAGHC (European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors) was the highlight of September. A select company of golf historians from all over Europe as well as from Australia and the USA was together to discuss, present and show a wide variety of subjects and objects, directly related to the history of ancient golf and the continental counterparts.

For details of our new ‘brainchild’ go on our site to Books and Games for Kings & Commoners. There you also find information how to order the book.